Waiting for a brigther future

Waiting for a brighter future is a site-specific total-installation, and consists of a visiting room with video. The audience can stay a while in the visiting room with a man and a woman in each water tank who are freely brought to a permanent embryonic state in a thick hazy liquid. Here they can “sleep” for 100 years until the Planet’s problems are fixed and they can be reborn into a new and brighter world.

Waiting for a brighter future is a mix of Noah’s Ark, Sleeping Beauty and a new trend where people freeze shortly after death, to re-emergence, when scientists can cure their cause of death.
The exhibition was commissioned by SoSu Østjylland in Aarhus and exhibited in march/april 2019. Special thanks to: Niels Rønsholdt, Pia Piilgaard, Claus Lund/Duke Denver, Robert Karlsson and Pappagallo. 


Photos: Signe Klejs