Hesitation of light


The artist Signe Klejs creates a spectacular piece of light art by illuminating Aarhus’ characteristic Cityring Bridge from 1938 – changing its visual character, making it a glowing city gate to Aarhus.

Hundreds of lamps will compete with the sunset, and by twilight the bridge will be lit up in its full form. Each unique night sky will define the bridge’s color. Two cameras positioned on the tower of Godsbanen will point to every corner of the sky and record the colors in a given period of time while the sun goes down. The information about the sky’s colors is then converted into the bridge’s new palette. Clothed in nature’s colors – large and lit – the bridge will enter a new visual dialogue with the landscape and the surrounding city architecture.

HESITATION OF LIGHT takes its name from the Aarhus astronomer Ole Rømer’s discovery from 1676: The light has speed – the highest speed we know. This piece of art takes the light, makes it hesitate, and brings a new meaning to Ole Rømers concept of the hesitation of light.

Hesitation of Light is supported by Kiers Fond, Aarhus Kommune, Aarhus 2017 and  Godsbanen, and is consecrated the 12. January 2017.


Photo: Haarder Photography


Photo: Michael Haarder Photography


Photo: Michael Haarder Photography


Photos: Michael Harder Photography

Hesitation of Light.

Photo: Dborup




Process photos: Signe Klejs