Who is Signe Klejs

The main purpose for Signe Klejs in general is to push the borders between body and technology – through research in digital and interactive exhibitions and performance environments.
In the tension field between individual, space and technology she explores different ways of expression through and with the body by using digital technologies and environmental data.
Among her works are interactive installations, sculptures and light, combined space- and internetbased art experiments, interactive set-designs for opera and dance performances and site-specific works and concepts.
Signe Klejs’ works has been exhibited and performed throughout Scandinavia, in New York, Shanghai, Beijing and Europe.

Signe Klejs (b. 1974) is a Danish artist with a master’s in Design with Digital Media from Design School Kolding and Universität der Künste Berlin, where she studied experimental media art. In her work, she challenges the potential in digital art through what she defines as, relational encounters between body, space and technology. She works across many genres including, stage art, visual arts, site specific art, installations and transmedia projects. Klejs’ art has been exhibited all over Scandinavia, in Europe, Asia and the US. During the European Cultural Capital in Aarhus 2017 Klejs created the piece Hesitation of Light. Since May 2019, her permanent light installation Zeitgeist has been installed on the façade of The Women’s Museum in Aarhus.

Cover Photo: Kåre Viemose


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Signe Klejs (b. 1974)
Interdisciplinary artist

Signe Klejs holds a master in Design with Digital Media from Design School Kolding and Universität der Künste Berlin where she studied Experimental Media Art. Her focus is to create, unfold and improve the potential in digital art in a way she defines as Relational encounters – body, space and technology. She works unhindered across genres, her work relates to stage art, visual arts, site specific art, installations and transmedia projects. Signe has a hands-on approach as she is programming and building technological and physical constructions herself. Her content is often anchored in society changes, bodily ideas and cultural issues.

Klejs’ work is exhibited throughout Scandinavia, in Europe, in USA and in China.

During European Cultural Capital in Aarhus/DK in 2017 Klejs did a spectacular light piece on the Ring bridge in the city; Hesitation of Light.

Besides her artistic practice Klejs is teaching and is in the board of the Danish artists’ union DBF, Aarhus Sinfonietta and Teater Fluks.

Klejs has received working grants from the Danish Art Councill in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.