Teknomorforse [2006]

TEKNOMORFOSE is an interactive exhibition, and was exhibited at Aarhus Main Library. The exhibition focuses on the fact that technology is an ever changing phenomenon. Technology change the way we experience the world, but it is difficult to observe these changes. Teknomorfose seeks to elucidate this process of change by setting up different areas of reflection in the exhibitions space, e.g. Aftryk and Gobelin.
Aftryk is a digital mirror which transforms reality in different colours and shapes. In Aftryk, the user is able to play with a digital representation of their silhouette. By making a noise, the user’s silhouette becomes a graphical imprint of the user’s posture (Aftryk is the danish word for imprint). This imprint remains until the next user enters the exhibition space.
Gobelin is a mosaic made of photos of the library’s visitors. Visitors can contribute photos of themselves to the mosaic, and influence the way the photos are shown by moving on the floor in front of the installation.

TEKNOMORFOSE make up 6 different installations that reflect the visitors’ appearance into technology-based audio/visual scenarios. The scenarios expose some of the processes in this technologically metamorphosis.

The project is a collaboration with the Aarhus Main Library and was exhibited from 16th May – 26th July 2006.

Review from kunsten.nu here
“TEKNOMORFOSE asks: How does our technology? Digital technology represents in this perspective an extra emphasis on people’s social constructions. The technology also gives us the opportunity to rediscover the body.
That can hold a lot of humor. Experience therefore TEKNOMORFOSEs total of six installations. – Have fun! “