>Ff6b< [2006]

Digital technologies seem to promise that all our dreams can come true in unlimited communication, non-friction fulfillment of all needs and absolute creativity.
To oppose this tendency and to force collaboration between different artistic approaches we adopted the dogma tradition from the film into the digital art.
The artistic freedom are to be found in restrictions and limited possibilities. Therefore we decided on 6 rules for the exhibition >Ff6b< at Gallery Image, November 2006:

• Laboratory – not an exhibition
• The visitor as creator
• Only LIVE audio/visual data
• Only recycle codes
• Max 1000€
• Break Down every 3 minutes

The project >Ff6b< is made in collaboration with Anne Dyhr, Falk Heinrich and Signe Klejs under the aegis of Kunstnernes Kooperative ApS.

“The visitor is in contact with the room and its interior. In the living room is a TV where you can activate live transmissions with your voice, and in the dining room you can drink coffee of virtual cups.The bedroom is the most intimately – when you lay on the bed, you’ll see your sleeping virtual bedmate. If you are moving closer the other person turns around.
Suddenly the system breaks down and the experience is disturbed and disappears..”
Extract from reportage by Lene Bruun-Christensen, aarhus.nu.