Room of Relation [2007]

Room of Relation – a total-installation by Klejs & Rønsholdt.
Everyday objects like a lamp, a bed, a window are combined with interactive video, sound, tracking technology and animatronics.

The installation encircles human relations in different ways. A whip, a giant insect, faces behind curtains are elements in a multidisciplinary description of intimate human contact or the longing after it.
The installation is interactive and the visitor constitutes one part of a strange relation pattern: through the visitors movements they are in contact with the virtual figures – influences them or become influenced by them.

Room of Relation was exhibited in the spring 2007 and was made under the aegis of Kunstnernes Kooperative ApS. Parts of the exhibition will be shown at PLEX, Copenhagen during the Biennial “Sound Around” – October 2007