Udsyngning [2014]

The project Udsyngning is a documentary project focusing on places closing down in Deep Denmark these years. We have many rituals for celebrating new beginnings but when it comes to goodbyes it is a different story. Although, the whole society is transforming because of the streamlining of companies, institutions and industries and that has a big influence on the image of Denmark.
Udsyngning is creating a common memory for the engaged people in a closing situation. Composer Kristina Holgersen and digital artist Signe Klejs visited three places with a camera and sound recorder – and each place got its own music film – a piece of art for the workers, village citizens and the students and employes.
Producer and photographer: Louise Kirkegaard

Udsyngning is supported by Statens Kunstfond.
Read more about the project here: http://udsyngning.wordpress.com