H.OPERA8700 [2014]

H.OPERA8700 is a new electro-opera for, with and in Horsens! It took place in the public space as a parade which moved through the urban space in Horsens the 2nd of May 2014 as the opera unfold.

The intention was to create an opera piece for citizens in Horsens. Also for those who doesn’t necessarily define them selves as an opera audience. H.OPERA8700 captures the city by reviving the hidden stories in the cityscape and reactualizes the history about Horsens from before, now and in future. The text material is made by Ursula Andkjær Olsen on inputs from the citizens and more than 100 people from Horsens is participating in the opera: ex. 20 tweenies, a Rugby team, 4 choirs and 4 politicians. c
Composer and sound artist Andreas Busk made the music which was performed by Lydenskab together with fabulous soprano Andrea Pellegrini, assisted by GelderaK.

Oh – and Signe Klejs did the staging with competent assistance from Kirstine Vindelev!

People showed up at Vitus Berings Plads at 20:00 o’clock and joined the parade!
Visit the blog: http://hopera8700.wordpress.com

Composer: Andreas Busk
Text: Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Soprano: Andrea Pellegrini
Ensemble: Lydenskab
Guitar: Thea Vesti Pedersen
Piano: Eskild
Cello: Sofia
Actors: GelderaK
Christian Hersker, Jonas Møller Pedersen og Peter Zimmermann
Staging: Signe Klejs and Kirstine Vindelev
Visuals: Signe Klejs
Producer: Thea Vesti Pedersen og Kirstine Hastrup
Technic: LUMEN
Make-up artist: Beauty by Avanu
Light meal: Mad Hos Mads
Trailer: Christoffer Brekne

Politicians: Betina Steufert, Claus Kvist, Anne Lene Løvbjerg og Lone Ørsted
4. class from Hulvejsskole
Horsens Amatør Teater
Odder Rugby Club
Choirs: Horsens Klosterkirkes Vokalensemble, Klosterkirkens Munkekor, Cantando Koret, Cantica Koret og Håndværker og Industriforeningens Sangkor
Conductor: Michael Hvas Thomsen
Producent: Erling Walther Madsen
PR: Thea Vesti and Signe Klejs