The Journey [2011]

The Journey is a gesamt artwork initiated by the progressive ensemble LYDENSKAB. Idea and concept in collaboration between Lydenskab, Composer Kristina Holgersen, Composer Morten Ladehoff and Signe Klejs.

The Journey is about the meeting between two different worlds. On a practical level, it is the desire to present 2 different forms of expression – the classical and rhythmic music. Together composer and media artist creates a narrative inspired by a Journey. The audience sits in a scenic space built as a wagon. The classical concert is broken up, the projections of the digital media artist Signe Klejs will be projected on the walls, as landscapes that flits past.
The travelers (audience) ideas will be treated as tracks and sung texts – and the way the audience will gain insight into all the realities unfolding on the journey. At the end of the trip we will be out on the platform as people which for a moment related to each other’s differences.

The Journey was premiered in a pop-up music store in June 2011