RESPITE [2013]

RESPITE is a small interactive installation about Time which was exhibited in the lobby of GODSBANEN during SPOT Festival 2013.

RESPITE shows a flickering reflection of people passing by and poet Hanne Viemose intercept fragments of words in the crowd.

The text is projected with the image and presents a series of moments that disappear while they occur.

Am I interrupting?
Respite is an expression used in organizing ship race – a part of a game

Would you like more time? Would you like to have respite?

In English respite: a relief from harm or discomfort, a break from doing something

In Danish: An additional time to achieve something.

Should you achieve something?

(Text Piece by Hanne Viemose)
RESPITE is supported by the Aarhus Art Centre and Godsbanen. Thanks to Mie Dinesen for sparring and assistance!