Home [2013]

Klejs & Rønsholdt are going to build the new project HOME at The 3 Legged Dog in New York this June/July. It will open to the public in the beginning of July at 3LD on Lower Manhattan. HOME is an audio-visual installation about suspended homes.

A dark, silent model of a house swings through the exhibition space and when it is right in front of an audience member, it changes into a ‘real’ house in a burst of video projection and audio. The dark, empty facade comes to life and in the briefest moment the audience member experience a fraction of a drama. Similar to when we pass by a window on the street and take a glance inside: for a second we witness a piece of privacy, a fraction of a story that we ourselves brings with us and develop in our minds.

HOME is produced within a partnership between 3LD, Culture Yard Elsinore, EditionS, Klejs & Rønsholdt with support from Danish Art Foundation. Special thanks to Mads Wahlberg.