Pure Love® [2009]

New technology creates more love in the world.
PureLove® is an example of this!
PureLove® is an installation and an event.
The installation consists of 12 joiner made boxes from elm tree. The beautiful artifacts are placed on a simple table surface to provide an opportunity for guests to put their ear to the sound boxes, hold them and walk around with them, after which they can be freely positioned anywhere on the table surface.

Each elm box contains spoken declarations of love that can be heard if the visitor or potential buyer is putting their ear to one of the boxes’ heart shaped hole-grit.

PureLove® plays further on the growing awareness of sustainability and safety of use, which today are some of the key words in marketing of new products.

Therefore, PureLove® is a green-technology product. This means that the power consumption (playback of love declarations) are supported by solar cells.
Declaration of love is thus controlled – not by the user, but of captured sunlight. Furthermore, the PureLove® digital beam neutral piece who can be safely transported, crushed and used for wheelbarrow – no radiation hazard. A problem that is a recurring discussion after the talk falls on mobile telephony and the use of PC and IT.

The installational part of PureLove® is accompanied by an event. This part acts signed unable hearing sales assistants who, tenaciously and for sale, provide the work / product for museum visitors. The event section also consists of an interactive element where visitors can record declarations of love to be a part of the pool of love declarations, you can hear in the exhibit boxes.
PureLove® reflects our aspiration for the facile love while the work sincerely ask the viewer: do the digital media give more love?

PureLove® is made by Anne Dyhr and Signe Klejs and has been created with support from the Cultural Development Foundation of Aarhus municipality and first exhibited in November 2009 at Rum46, Aarhus.