Dr. God at Nordic Music Days [2010]

Dr. God was my solution on of 5 hours visuals to Nordic Music Days 2010 day 2-concert.
With a programme containing works from more than 10 different composers and more than 20 different music pieces Signe Klejs took startingpoint in the need of something unifying – and what is more gathering than an Island?
So she built an Island – with a lake, a volcano, a cave, a canyon, a ruin etc. – each music piece got its own object.

During the concerts the Island was filmed – and generated live graphics – mixed it with prepared video and photos for a living and aesthetic expression.
The pictures were projected on boarded up window sections – four in a row on each side of the room – and because of the live filming and the dark room the audience seemed to fly through the miniature landscape as the music was playing.

A special thanks to Niels Rønsholdt for proper sparring and consultancy during the proces and the show and to Pia Piilgaard for letting me use her beautiful video material.