Looking for Courage [2015]

“A group of remarkable Chinese and Danish artists have worked for two years on this urban Euro-Chinese myth created for the beautifully sculptured Tietgenkollegium. A performative city walk mixing radio transmitted text, sound and digital media projections with opera, butoh dance and throat singing. We are at a historic juncture with references to the fall of The Berlin Wall and the Beijing student riots. You follow a Chinese rebel leader looking for herself – in the past. Her search takes you on a journey towards death.” Louise Beck – Author of the project.
Art duo Klejs & Rønsholdt was a part of the project and are artistically responsible for the opening scene in the parking lot and the finale in the beautiful courtyard of The Tietgen Dormitory.
‘Looking for Courage’ is created by: Camilla Hübbe, Charlotte Munksø, Klejs & Rønsholdt, Lin Zhang, Jiangzhou Feng, Birk Marcus Hansen og Louise Beck in collarboration with the performers: Loré Lixenberg, Liu Zheng, Wu Tingcui og Lucy Railton. Other: Ørestad choir, residents at Tietgenkollegiet and locals from Ørestad.

Part two of Looking for Courage took place in Shanghai 1-3 October 2015.