Anatomia [2013]

Digital artist Signe Klejs and author Ursula Andkjær Olsen made fleeting performances in the small streets of Horsens.

On three nights, three different locations in the city became the stage for an art piece that sought out people in their living room as projections from the street – through their windows: Anatomia. (19/2: Smedegade, 20/2: Slotsgade and 21/2: Stefansgade 2013)

The work exists momentarily and magnifies the moment where the known meets the unknown. It is the moment where a collage of words (Ursula Andkjær Olsen) and photos (Signe Klejs) are projected into everyday life in people’s living rooms from a slowly running car and for a wondrous moment abolishes the boundary between illusion and reality.

Anatomia was presented by Culture Metro Horsens and developed by Bykunstner Signe Klejs.
Starring: Signe Klejs, Ursula Andkjær Olsen.
Technique: LUMEN.

The project is supported by Danish Arts Council, Horsens Kommune and the Danish Composers’ Society.

Anatomia_beskrivelse (dansk)