I Am Your Image [2018]

Media artist, composer and programmer Mark Coniglio met with artist Signe Klejs on Åbne Scene at Godsbanen in January 2018 to take a closer look at contemporary human digital life. Their stay at Åbne Scene is part of a longer research process on the art project I AM YOUR IMAGE, which illuminates the complexity of human life unfolding on more and more levels.
In the digital age we define and manufacture parts of our identity on and off digital media – part of our life unfolds in a virtual space.
Klejs and Coniglio investigate these different representations of a human being by working with projection, 3D scanning, 3D print, sculptural objects and performance.
At the end of their stay at Åbne Scene, Klejs and Coniglio shared their findings in the artistic process by inviting people in for a short presentation followed by discussion of some of the many question it raises:

  • How and why do we manipulate our presentation?

  • What body do we feel most closely associated?

  • What does it mean to be sensuous?

Performer: Noelia Mora Solvez

I AM YOUR IMAGE is supported by Danish Art Council, The City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen), and Godsbanen/Åbne Scene.

I AM YOUR IMAGE is made in association with KKArt.